My “Hygge” Lifestyle

My “Hygge” Lifestyle

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a new term for me. I came across in a magazine recently and it sort of stuck.  Basically, it’s a cultural idea, based on a Danish lifestyle, that focuses on the benefits of being content and embracing the little luxuries in life.

I’ve come up with a list of my 8 hygge favorites aka things that make me happy.

Family Time

My family is my most treasured group of people.  I’m blessed and thankful to have such a big, close, and loving group of mentors, friends, and caregivers.  I treasure the time we get to spend together, especially during the Holidays and special events where we can all be together in one place at the same time.  We are so fortunate.

Good Cup of Coffee

A hot latte is the simplest and easiest way to embrace my hygge. Mornings are that much better with a hot beverage to warm my soul and get me ready for the day.  Folgers got it right when they made the slogan, “The best part of waking up…”

Glass of Wine

At the end of a long day (as soon as I get home and changed into some comfy clothes) I pour myself a glass of wine and sip away all my cares.  J/k….about ALL my cares.  It doesn’t take away all the stress, but it sure helps diminish them.  Therefore, I will continue to enjoy my wine until I no longer endure any stress… which I am guessing will be forever!

Comfy Loungewear

If I could only wear one category of clothing for the rest of my life, I would easily choose loungewear.  There’s nothing I like more than to feel comfortable in my outfit and what’s more comfortable than a pair of loose, light, and airy clothing?  Do yourself a favor and invest in as many lounge clothes as possible.


I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of harsh, overhead lighting.  I’d much rather use lamps and candles to create a cozy ambience with a warm, comforting glow.  Nothing sets the mood of contentment like the flickering flame.  The scent is also a relaxer for me as well.  I typically go for calming aromas.

Mementos and Pictures

Being surrounded by photos and memorabilia of my family and past adventures gives me a warm reminder of our happiest moments.

Hot Bath

Soaking in a hot bath with an aromatic bath bomb and/or Epsom salt is a great way to clear my mind and allow the stress and tension of the day/week slip away.  What’s better?  A Hot Bath + Glass of Wine + Candles….. I haven’t had all three of those together in a loooooooong time.  I do believe I shall indulge soon!


Whether indoors wrapped up in a cozy blanket or outside under the stars, nothing compares to the warmth and coziness like a fire– The cracking of the wood, the warm glow of the embers, and the smell of burning wood.Everyone has their own idea of their perfect hygge, but no matter the activity, we all have one thing in common, and that is the pursuit of happiness.  Find your comfort.  Embrace your contentment.

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Coffee Talk Ed. No 16

Coffee Talk Ed. No 16

F R I D A Y, oh how I adore you!!

It’s SUMMER!!!

Am I right when I say, Summer weekends are the best?  There is something to say for getting outdoors and breathing in all that fresh air on the weekend that makes working indoors throughout the week feel a little less constricting.

Recap of this weeks posts- If you missed them you can                                                    find them here, here, and here.

I got a few new tops and a pair of jean shorts at Target the other day that I’m excited to debut.  My daughter and I had a great time shopping and trying on clothes together.

I recieved my Young Living essential oils starter kit in the mail on Tuesday and I’ve already got the diffuser crankin’ in Luke’s room.  He and I have had a bit of a head cold lately so I’m diffusing a recipe that consists of 3 drops of thieves, 3 drops of lavender, and 3 drops of R.C. (respiratory comfort) at night to help him sleep and get rid of whatever it is we’ve got.  I also put that same combination (only one drop of each) on his chest and feet on top of a layer of coconut oil.  Fingers crossed we’ll be better by tomorrow!!

Last week, I was asked to purchase and try Rodan + Fields.  I have heard a lot of great things about this brand and have always been very curious, so I asked for a sample rather than to purchase at this time.  As promised, she sent me a trial packet.  Unfortunately, the trial size was only enough for one-time use.  Overall, I really liked the products.  I had never used a lip mask before, so that was interesting.  I’m definitely a try it before you buy it kind of gal and I want to see the results, however, the sample size just wasn’t enough to ‘sell me’ on the products.  She did inform me that it generally takes up to two weeks to see results and that they have a 100% money back guarantee, so I’m still on the fence.



Lastly, I purchased a new foundation this week.  I am generally not one to spend a lot on makeup products but I believe it is essential to splurge on foundation, which is the base for all your other makeup products.  I highly recommend going to Ulta or Sephora where you can get help and suggestions for the right type of foundation (i.e. full, medium, or light coverage) and color matching.


We are heading to Branson tomorrow for a much needed day/night away with the kids!  My Dad has a boat and we’re going to do some boating, tubing, skiing, and (a little) drinking!  I’m also looking forward to a day of no chores and some much needed vitamin D.  I’m excited to watch Addie go tubing once again. Hopefully she will still like it. Not sure about Luke.  He’s a little more reserved and timid.

That’s all for now folks!  May your coffee be strong and you workday be short!

Have a great weekend!

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Annual once-over cleaning checklist- 10 things you should clean at least once a year

Annual once-over cleaning checklist- 10 things you should clean at least once a year

A clean house gives me peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment.  Sure, I try to keep my house clean and tidy on a regular basis, but I tend to forget about the less obvious places to clean rather than the usual floors, countertops, toilets, and mirrors.  Though these places are not pertinent to tackle on a day-to-day or month-to-month basis, I like to give my whole house a deep clean at least once a year and really focus on the neglected cleaning tasks.  Such as….

  1.  Baseboards and trim
    • My most forgotten about thing to clean.  Yes, its no fun and they’re the least of your worries, but they are dust magnets.  I like to use a dryer sheet.
  2. Door Handles and light switches
    • I feel like I should do this more than once a year!  When I sit and think about how many times we touch the same doors, knobs, and light switches and all the germs that must be collecting on them, it give me the creeps!  Definitely give them a good rub down with some anti-bacterial cleaner (like Clorox wipes)
  3. Vents
    • Another forgotten item are the return air vents!  I didn’t know how dirty mine were until I went to paint one weekend (hint: paint your return air vents the same color as the surrounding walls to make them less obvious).  The amount of dust on this one particular vent, was mind-blowing.  Needless to say, I now clean every return air vent at least once a year.
  4. Windows
    • I generally clean the “most used” windows one or twice a month.  For example our front storm door, back and downstairs sliding glass doors, and the main living room windows.  The rest get neglected, especially the outside windows.
  5. Oven
    • Yes, I know most ovens have a self-cleaning option, but that wont get ALL the grease off.  How in the world do I always manage to get splatters on the INSIDE of door glass…you know, in between the two layers of glass?!  Never fails.
  6. Blinds
    1. Don’t waste money on an expensive blind cleaner, wrap a washcloth around the end of cooking tongs and secure them with a rubber band.
  7. Fan Blades
    • Ever waited so long to clean the fan blades that dust bunnies went flying when you turned on the fan?  Guilty! Add it to the list.
  8. Cabinet Fronts
    • I don’t know about you, but my kids’ finger and handprints end up on everything, especially our dark cabinets.  Though they do make cabinet cleaner, I find it easiest to wash them with warm soapy water.
  9. Garage Floors
    • Mix a little bleach and warm water and hose out the garage floor to get rid of the mud, oil, and winter salt grime on your garage floor.
  10. Couch/Love Seat/Chairs
    • Got to love the buried treasures you’ll find once you remove the couch cushions- money, fruit snacks, puzzle pieces, jewelry, hair ties, cheerios…. Take the time to vacuum the cushions too!  Of all the things that really needs cleaned, its the living room furniture!

In order to stay on top of our cleaning routine, we try to dust, mop the floors, and clean the countertops, stove top, carpets, and bed linens once a week.  And, yes, my husband cleans…. admittedly more than me!


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