5 face washing mistakes you might be making 

So you think your doing all the “right” things to maintain a clear completion?  Are you sure?  Here’s a list of the top 5 mistakes you might be making.

  • Not using a cleaner that’s right for your skin type.  Do your research.  Skin care is not a one type fits all.
  • Missing spots!  Forgetting to wash the less-than-obvious areas of your face is a common mistake.  The edges of your face are often forgotten and probably need more love.

  • Using water that is too hot.  You may feel like warmer water will give cleaner results, but keeping the water too warm will affect your natural oil production.

  • Not using a clean towel.  Using the same towels for your face and hands?  Don’t!  Make sure you get a separate towel for each purpose.
  • Not moisturizing soon enough!  Waiting too long between washing and moisturizing?  Don’t!  The cream looses it effect if the skin gets too dry.

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