Hi! I’m Natalie! Welcome to my Blog!

I’m a coffee lovin’ wife, mom, and sonographer residing in the heart of Missouri with my husband, daughter, son and two dogs!

Interestingly, my hometown of Marceline, Missouri is the boyhood hometown of Walt Disney!

I’m a proud, 2010 graduate from the University of Missouri- Columbia (MIZ-ZOU) with a Bachelor of Health Science in Ultrasound.

When I’m not working, cooking, or cleaning, you can find me hanging out with my husband and children, browsing my favorite internet stores, catching up on my favorite television shows, attempting a DIY project, and enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine while working on my blog!

Although blogging isn’t a full-time job or first priority, I took up blogging in 2013 as a creative outlet while working full-time and raising the first of my two kids. I’m a creative soul, and I love sharing my thoughts, styles, and projects. It gives me clarity.  I also love singing, shopping, cooking (sometimes), and all things COFFEE! I love to help others and am passionate about my career.

Our hearts are very full and life is extremely fun.  I am a christian with an abundance of love for my family and friends and am thankful for the opportunities God has blessed me with over the past years of my life.

For questions, brand collaborations, and advertising, contact Natalie below.

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