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How to Effectively Decorate a Console Table

This particular console table was purchased for the sole purpose of filling an empty wall or void in my basement.  The functionality of this console table provides a horizontal surface to display miscellaneous decorative items such as family pictures and memorabilia and it’s the perfect place to add a non-hard-wired lamp to provide a soft glow.  I’ll admit, its purpose is purely aesthetic.  Did I need it? No.  Do I love it? Yes!

What was once a blank and bare space is now a unique focal point for our downstairs  living space!


First, choose a table that fits your budget, style, and space.

Let there be light!  Add a lamp or two.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of harsh overhead lighting (I blame this on my profession), so I always aim to keep lighting soft and ambient.  Lighting is imperative to a space, especially if it is the only source of light in an entryway or hallway.


The key to remember when decorating a console table is to maintain a good balance of items.  A table that is crammed full of ‘junk’ is visually uncomfortable.  Always strive to keep your table top well edited and aim for keeping about a quarter to half of the space clear.

 It is also important to vary the height of the objects you choose to decorate with.  Keep things interesting and unpredictable by adding layers of usual interest and appeal.


Group similar items that showcase your personality but don’t be afraid to play with texture.  Use this space to show off your personal expression.  Consider your color scheme and stay true to one ‘style’.

Add seasonal touches and don’t be afraid to change it up!  I am constantly changing the decor in my house by swapping out an item or two.


Enjoy your one-of-a-kind creation!


Create & Shop this look!

Threshold Parsons Horizontal Bookcase

Threshold Parsons Horizontal Bookcase

threshold 8 x 10 distressed wood frame black.jpg

Threshold 8 x 10 distressed wood frame


artificial grass plant

artificial grass plant


smart livign valenca 20 in H LED Candle Lantern- black.jpg

Smart Living Valenca 20″ LED Candle Lantern


Threshold fillable ambient lighting collection clear

Threshold Fillable Ambient lighting Collection (clear)


Crosley Analog Tabletop Clock.jpg

Crosley Analog Tabletop Clock



transparent natalie


DIY Spray Painted Rug

I’ve wanted a new area rug for our downstairs family room for over a year now, but I’ve kept putting it off because 1) it’s not a necessity, 2) they’re expensive, and 3) mostly because I can’t decide which one to buy!

Our current area rug is/was a solid, cream, shag rug from our neighbors who moved and no longer wanted it.  After a baking soda shower and vacuum, the rug looked (and smelled) like new.

After seeing these rugs (pictured above) on I thought,

“What the heck?! They’re basically just expensive cream shag rugs with imperfect linear stripes.  I can do that!”

and so I did…

I gathered up some spray paint- rustoleum antique brass metallic, drug the rug outside, and free handed some horizontal and vertical stripes.

Most tutorials I watched, suggested using painters tape and/or a stencil design for a more specific design, but I wasn’t going for a “perfectly perfect” look.  They also painted a thin outdoor rug, rather than a shag rug.

Over all I was very pleased with the outcome.  The lines are a little wider than I had anticipated, but it looked very similar to the Nate Berkus Rug that inspired me.  The only downfall is that the rug is now “stiff” in the areas of the lines, but I am hopeful it will soften up with time and traffic.  If it doesn’t, I’m only out $8 in spray paint!


DIY:Personalized Wedding Gift

We all know someone getting married. If you’re searching for a cleaver, unique, and memorable wedding gift, look no further!  I have the perfect DIY personalized wedding gift that’s sure to impress without breaking the bank.

Two of my friends recently got married.  I wanted my gift to be special, heartfelt, and one-of-a-kind.  After much research, I decided to MAKE my own personalized wedding gift….anniversary wine bottles!  One to open on the 1st Anniversary, 5th Anniversary, and 10th Anniversary!!  The gift that keeps on giving 🙂

My best friend and Maid of Honor made my husband and I a personalized wedding bottle for our wedding and presented it to us during her speech/toast.  It was, and still is my most favorite wedding gift and we STILL haven’t opened it!! Maybe this year for our 5th anniversary we will! 😉


Things you need!

  1. 3 Wine Bottles (as expensive or cheap as you’d like; I did a chardonnay, zinfandel, and merlot)
  2. shipping labels ( I used Avery shipping labels 5164; 150 for $10.79 @ target)
  3.  Microsoft Word
  4. Paint
  5. printer
  6. goo gone cleaner

How to!

  1. peel label off wine bottles.
  2. use goo gone to remove glue
  3. upload design to the Microsoft word label document
  4. print and transfer to wine bottles
  5. place wine bottles in a container of your choice (I used a wicker Basket) surrounded by tissue paper
  6. add a couple of wine glasses (can also customize these to say Mr. and Mrs.) and a bow
  7. viola!! Done!


BOTTLE #1- 1st Anniversary: You’ve been married a year; where did the time go? You’re no longer newlyweds, now you are pros.  You’ve made it through as husband and wife, so lucky to find the love of your life.  Now that the first year of marriage is done, toast to the many anniversaries to come!


BOTTLE #2- 5th Anniversary: Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worth while.  Now that the fifth year of marriage is done, toast to the many anniversaries to come!


BOTTLE #3- 10th Anniversary: Sharing the good times, bearing the hard times.  Trusting in love to show us the way.  Laughing and loving, trusting and forgiving, together, forever.  Side by side, day by day.  Now that the tenth year of marriage is done, toast to the many anniversaries to come!!!


DIY: Framed Fabric

Most definitely one of the easiest DIY projects.

I decided to make my own wall décor since I could not find exactly what I was looking for in store or online (aka the stuff I liked cost a fortune).  I’m not one to decorate with a lot of color, but I wanted a pop of green for my breakfast nook.  One day in JoAnn’s Fabric I saw this fabric and decided to just make my own wall art.

Luckily, the fabric and the frames were both on sale! #winning

What you need:

  1. Frame
  2. fabric
  3. scissors
  4. pen

How to Frame it:

step 1: Iron fabric

step 2: trace the existing photo inlay for approximate sizing.  Tip: If you want the same pattern in all frames be conscious of where you trace.

step 3: cut the fabric approx. 1 inch wider than the area you traced

step 4: insert the fabric into the frame and place and secure the backing

step 5: hang and admire your work!

DIY Personalized Framed Art

I change my mind.  A lot!  Especially when it comes to decorating.  For some reason, I just like to switch things up here and there.  Such as the living room layout, artwork, or décor and accessories.  While I enjoy updating things often, I don’t enjoy spending a lot of money on home décor pieces since I know I will change my mind eventually.  Which brings me to my next topic…. yet another easy, inexpensive DIY project…personalized framed art!


So here’s an inexpensive way to add a new touch to any room.


  • 1 14 x 17 in and 2 8 x 10 in Wall Frames (got mine 50% off at Joann Fabric)
  • 1/2 yard of fabric (any color, theme, or pattern of your choice!)
  • wooden letter representing the first initial of your last name
  • two skeleton keys
  • hot glue/gun
  • fabric scissors
  • spray paint


  • Empty the frames ( I kept the mats)
  • iron the fabric
  • tape fabric to the mat
  • repeat with other two frames
  • hot glue initial to the center of the largest frame
  • hot glue the keys to each of the smaller frames
  • replace the backing on all 3 frames
  • Hang
  • Enjoy!!


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