Décor : Mood Boards

My mother-in-law recently asked me to help her redecorate her basement. (the heavens opened up and I could hear the angels singing “hallelujah”)  this is my forte!!! What’s better than designing a room you don’t have to pay for? Nothing!!!  I didn’t go crazy however, because I wanted it to be stylish yet affordable and something she would be willing to pay for.  She wasn’t sure on a color scheme yet, so I made it my mission to give her examples of green, spice, gold/yellow, and light blue.  She knew she wanted a brown leather sectional sofa so I incorporated it into all my boards

Interior designers often use mood boards to make sure the colors and their distribution will  really work. Before you decorate, collect samples of fabrics, wallpaper and paint colors, cut out pictures of furniture and accessories from magazines, and lay it all out on a plain board. If there’s something that doesn’t coordinate well,  remove it or replace it until everything looks coherent.  Below, you will find 4 of my sample mood boards.  Not sure how she will be able to choose…..I LOVE them ALL!

You can find (almost) all of these décor items online at Pier1.

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