Everyday makeup

Doesn’t matter if I’m going to work or just a quick trip to the store, I always have to have some makeup on at all times.  It could be as simple as a swipe of mascara or a lightly tinted lip gloss, doesn’t matter, just gotta have something!

In general, I usually keep my makeup light and simple. It’s not much, but it helps me feel “put together” without looking overly made up.  The grand total of makeup I currently have in my makeup bag?…..10!  Shocked? Me too! Don’t worry, I have more stored in the bathroom closet for when I’m preparing for a special occasion or need to transition from a day to night look!!

My current makeup products!

Here’s a glimpse of my basic, everyday makeup routine that I’ve mastered in 10 minutes or less ( Ah, the joys of being a parent.  0 time to yourself).


Step 1.  Oil-Free Moisturizer.

Step 2. Concealer under eyes and on post acne scars

Step 3. Foundation

Step 4. Bronzer to create a sun kissed look on cheek bones, jawline, and outer forehead

Step 5. Blush on cheek bones

Step 6. A dust of loose bronzer glimmer powder on cheeks for a touch of shimmer


Step 7.  Eyes.  Light Cappuccino across entire eye lid and brow bone.  Dark brown in the crease for added dimension.

Step 8.  Using a black matte eye shadow, I smudge a think line onto my top and bottom lash line.

Step 9.  Eyebrows!  Fills in gaps and creates a defined shape that brings the whole look together. Tame with eyebrow wand

Step 10.  2 coats of mascara

Step 11.  Finish with a smooth layer of neutral lipstick


…..and done!

Transforming this look from day to night glam is simple!


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