How to Effectively Decorate a Console Table

This particular console table was purchased for the sole purpose of filling an empty wall or void in my basement.  The functionality of this console table provides a horizontal surface to display miscellaneous decorative items such as family pictures and memorabilia and it’s the perfect place to add a non-hard-wired lamp to provide a soft glow.  I’ll admit, its purpose is purely aesthetic.  Did I need it? No.  Do I love it? Yes!

What was once a blank and bare space is now a unique focal point for our downstairs  living space!


First, choose a table that fits your budget, style, and space.

Let there be light!  Add a lamp or two.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of harsh overhead lighting (I blame this on my profession), so I always aim to keep lighting soft and ambient.  Lighting is imperative to a space, especially if it is the only source of light in an entryway or hallway.


The key to remember when decorating a console table is to maintain a good balance of items.  A table that is crammed full of ‘junk’ is visually uncomfortable.  Always strive to keep your table top well edited and aim for keeping about a quarter to half of the space clear.

 It is also important to vary the height of the objects you choose to decorate with.  Keep things interesting and unpredictable by adding layers of usual interest and appeal.


Group similar items that showcase your personality but don’t be afraid to play with texture.  Use this space to show off your personal expression.  Consider your color scheme and stay true to one ‘style’.

Add seasonal touches and don’t be afraid to change it up!  I am constantly changing the decor in my house by swapping out an item or two.


Enjoy your one-of-a-kind creation!


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Threshold Parsons Horizontal Bookcase
Threshold Parsons Horizontal Bookcase
threshold 8 x 10 distressed wood frame black.jpg
Threshold 8 x 10 distressed wood frame


artificial grass plant
artificial grass plant


smart livign valenca 20 in H LED Candle Lantern- black.jpg
Smart Living Valenca 20″ LED Candle Lantern


Threshold fillable ambient lighting collection clear
Threshold Fillable Ambient lighting Collection (clear)


Crosley Analog Tabletop Clock.jpg
Crosley Analog Tabletop Clock



transparent natalie

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