My (current) hairstyle: textured waves

Last Sunday, at church, I was stopped by an older, super kind, gentleman who asked if he could take a picture of my hair to send to his wife!  He then explained that he wanted her to get her hair cut similar to mine and thought some pictures would help. I happily, and with only a little hesitation (after all, this was church, and I had seen the gentleman and his wife there before) agreed to let him photograph a side and back view.


My current hairstyle is an angled bob with layers and longer, side swept bangs.


Angled, meaning it is gradually shorter in the back than it is on the sides which makes the profile look most inspiring.


I’ve basically had this same hairstyle, give or take a few inches, for most of my adult life! “How Boring!”, you may think, but the truth of the matter is that I have thin, fine hair that needs to be somewhat short and layered to create volume and this cut fits me perfectly.  So, as boring as it may sound to have the same haircut for a number of years, it works and I like it….plus, I don’t have the patience to grow my hair out.   This messy, less defined bob is versatile enough to be styled straight, wavy, up, or half-up.  My personal preference is to style it with loose, beachy waves (you know, the kind that looks like you’re not even trying).  Oh, and did I mention I love hairspray!

Check out my favorite hair products and a step-by-step textured waves pictorial!!

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